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Almost as cool as him dressing up as Darkwing Duck but still cool

Almost as cool as him dressing up as Darkwing Duck but still cool


Almost as cool as him dressing up as Darkwing Duck, but still cool.

Glue Gal

Darkwing Duck, Morgana Macawber and Gosalyn Mallard!

Major Synapse

Funny / Darkwing Duck

Western Animation / Darkwing Duck

Darkwing Duck

Ammonia Pine

Fan art post

Who is Darkwing Duck?

Comicbook / Darkwing Duck

Like any good Disney show, Darkwing Duck happens to have a Christmas special, and what a Christmas special it is. You know how Frosty the Snowman never let ...

Darkwing Duck Smash Reveal by jongoji245 ...

Darkwing Duck

Ducky Mountain High from It's A Duck Blur: Let's Get Dangerous (A Darkwing Duck/Ducktales Podcast) on RadioPublic

Cleanliness is Next to Badliness - 10 months is byebye

A couple panel redraws from the Darkwing Duck comics.

Awesome darkwing duck artist named: FrothingLizard

Darkwing Duck appears in "The Wattersons" (since November 9, 1989 on FOX, based on 1971 magazines).

Darkwing Duck

Dewey, Huey, Louie and Scrooge in the 1987 series.

Uncle Scrooge ~ Famous coin collector He primarily enjoyed collecting gold coins but still a collector (just thought this would be funny)

Glue Gal

Darkwing Duck Costume Inspirational Coolest Darkwing Duck and Scrooge Mcduck Couple Costume

So there I was @DisneyTVAnimation and it's true... sooner or later your


Darkwing Duck

Disney Afternoon T-shirt featuring Darkwing Duck

Smart White Darkwing Duck Mascot Costume Mascotte Die Ente Duckling Quackquack With Red Blinder Purple Dress No.1961 Free Ship-in Mascot from Novelty ...

jay's tweet - "Steve Harvey straight up dressed like Darkwing Duck. " - Trendsmap

Details about Darkwing Duck Mens T-Shirt - Distressed Darkwing Comic Cover Image

DuckTales: The Comics That Inspired the Series

DIY Darkwing Duck Halloween Costume For Throwback Thursday - Halloween Costumes Blog

but this was in the Disney Afternoon comics and was most likely a continuity error since his sudden ability to pilot it is never addressed.

A desperate criminal is at large, and terror runs through the streets like a pair

*sings 90s theme songs forever* I love meeting characters, but meeting rare characters

Welcome my friends to a very special Darkwing Duck review. We open this time around with Darkwing's alter ego, Drake Mallard, accompanied by his sidekick, ...

OH BOY I just found this Ducktales/Darkwing Duck crossover and it looks awesome!

Poor Bushroot was typecast into his Grinch role on account of his green skin.

The concept for Darkwing Duck jelled when Tad came with up with the premise, What

Darkwing Duck Throwback Costume

image 0 ...

Darkwing Duck Meets Shazam. Special thanks to my good friend @redauxpdxcosplay for taking this

#SundayFunny #CanWeAllAgree Don't y'all tell Uncle Steve .. #

Lady Darkwing Ducks Adventures poster by Animeria ...

photo_library Today was the big day for the Masquerade! Darkwing duck was pretty popular @kikoricon

Getting ready for a Disney afternoon with this sweet find from Pulp Fiction Vancouver. #

Noland grew up loving Duck Tales and Darkwing Duck so we always have to stop and see Launchpad McQuack when we're in Dinoland, USA! I just looked him up to ...

Darkwing model sheet.

Image is loading Darkwing-Duck-Spy-Vs-Spy-New-Ript-Pop-

The other members of the Fearsome Five like to bring this incident up all the time, right after they bring up the vampire potato wife.

236 Of The Best Halloween Costume Ideas We've Ever Seen

Darkwing Duck Launchpad McQuack Pop! Vinyl Figure

"I am the terror that flaps in the night"... DARKWING DUCK. "

Image Unavailable

still not a drawer, but took another shot at Darkwing Duck but this time in

Darkwing Duck by ReDirkulous ...

jay's tweet - "Steve Harvey straight up dressed like Darkwing Duck. " - Trendsmap

For Halloween, I Am Going as Myself

#darkwingduck while not quite a surprise like Max, seriously wasn't expecting that, was much loved experience! The cast members at this location had a lot ...

Comic Rack – Darkwing Duck ...

Found this collection at Half Price Books today. It has the annual and a few other stories in it. Very excited to have it. #darkwing duck

Superman #700

... Disney Darkwing Duck Issue #1 #1 - English 13 ...

... Coolest Homemade Costumes Darkwing Duck Costume New A Decade Of Elaborate Handmade Halloween Costumes ...



Darkwing Duck 3D model I made a hot minute ago. Still really love how this

I bet off-screen, the Old Navy burst into flames, several small children were ground to death by those lawnmowers, and someone was stabbed in the neck after ...

Double-O Ducks, a James Bond spoof for Duck Tales became Darkwing Duck.

all good in the hood! #sketch #session #typography #typographic #letters


Anyways, I would love to wish the following Darkwing Duck friends a Very Happy Birthday and I hope your day is as special as you are ...

Next stop was Darkwing Duck. He was the last character on my Disney Afternoon “list” (at least of ones who are within reason–I know some others exist, but ...

Hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween! Here is a character I actually dressed



We almost got him in darkwing duck toys wave 2 by playmates in the 90s but whole line was cancelled.



Amazon.com: Disney 'S Duck Tales 3D Foam Blind Bag Key Chains: Toys & Games

She later appears in the Boom! With Darkwing old and decrepit, Negaduck easily takes control of the city. Villains: Nodoff and Morgana MacCawber Absent: ...

Darkwing Duck Costume - Halloween Costume Contest via @costumeworks

Looks like Darkwing's Ratcatcher got a few new cool upgrades. From Joe Books Darkwing Duck issue 7 which was released January 25, 2016.

When there's trouble you call DW! Darkwing Duck. It's @katdilligaf follow them and

Avengers Prime #1

Darkwing Duck

Mighty Ducks

Darkwing Duck Costume Close Up

Almost forgot to mention that my darkwing duck cosplay won in the journeymen category @kikoricon

Ahhhhh I just finished this VERY BIG art work of Darkwing duck protecting St Canard !

"I'm just doing this to get attention, really."

Western Animation / Donald Duck

... to travel through time and a kind letter at the end of the comic to Darkwing fans everywhere, both written by the Darkwing Duck creator Tad Stones.

Darkwing Duck Costume New Cool Diy Darkwing Duck Costume ...

Darkwing Duck OC: Marissa as the Scarlet Swan by BlackWolfStar15 on DeviantArt

Here's a cool piece of news for anyone looking forward to the DuckTales TV series: voice actor Ben Schwartz revealed that Darkwing Duck will be showing up ...